Poppy Palooza / by Danielle Stewart

Poppy Fest 2017 was a huge success. Since moving to Georgetown, Texas 18 months ago, we have found our little town has a lot of fun to offer, and we are lucky enough to have some pretty amazing friends who have made the long trip to see us a bunch of times. We wanted to make this weekend extra special for everyone, and I used it as an excuse to get creative. I had so much fun putting it all together. We titled the "event" Poppy Palooza, because, well... why not? Everything is bigger in Texas, and why should our weekend not be epic? Our welcome package for the gang included custom totes, t-shirts, Texas-themed snacks, poppy seeds, cigars for the guys, and, of course, beer and wine...again, it's Poppy Palooza. I also tried to capture some of our stops around Georgetown during the weekend, such as Monument Cafe for Breakfast, 600 Degrees Pizzeria for a slice, and a new local stop, Black Box food truck, for barbecue. Post Poppy festival, we headed to Barrow Brewing Company in Salado, Texas, where we drank some beer and played a few games of cards that reminded us all how much we miss our college years. Our little man Jed also shared in the fun, and he was just too cute in his party themed attire. I had such a great time creating these fun packages for everyone, but the best part was catching-up with great friends, sharing laughs, playing cards, drinking beer, and eating some incredible Texas barbecue.